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If you're a staff member and unsure how to access this machine, please check our access instructions.

To see if you're able to access this machine please check group permissions.


This server is a Linode 2G server running Ubuntu Linux 14.04 which is mainly intended for use by staff and is also the main Slash ipnd server and Staff Slash server.

Important: This server also acts as an SSH proxy which allows staff members to SSH into other li694-22 nodes if they have the necessary privileges to do so.

Services running on this host

  • Apache 2.4 for system services.
  • Apache 2.2/httpd, port 2600 for Staff Slash.
  • kdc, slave to Helium
  • Hesiod, slave to Helium
  • Hidden Services for Tor
  • OpenSSH
  • ntpd