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The editorial team is responsible for checking and revising (if required) user submitted stories. Prospective editors should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to checking stories, have a good grasp of the English language, and be familiar with slash's formatting options. Contact: editors (at) soylentnews.org, or join #editorial in irc.

Who we are

Editors Team Main Page




janrinok editor UTC+1 (CET)
mrcoolbp editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
n1 editor UTC
martyb Editor-in-Chief UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
CoolHand editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
NotSanguine editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
Cmn32480 editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
takyon editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
Fnord666 Assistant Editor-in-Chief UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
Snow editor ?
mrpg editor UTC-4
chromas editor UTC-8 (PST; -7 PDT)
fyngyrz editor ?
GreatOutdoors editor ?
spiraldancing editor UTC+1 (CST/CET)
requerdanos editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)

Retired Members

Former editors that have relinquished their roles due to inactivity or retirement

Retired members




Subsentient editor UTC-7 (MST)
LaminatorX Team Leader UTC-5 (CST/CDT)
Dopefish editor UTC-8 (PST)
mattie_p editor UTC-7 (MST)
zizban editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
Azrael editor ?
Woods editor UTC-5 (CST/CDT)
charon editor UTC-4 (EST/EDT)
Xyem editor GMT


  • Continue to develop editorial process (see Documentation below)
  • Maintain static pages (FAQ.shtml, about.shtml, and moderation.shtml)


  • A Story Style document outlines editorial guidelines, it may need additional refining and ratification eventually.
  • The Editing Process - builds on the Story Style and Submission Guidelines to describe how the editing process is carried out.
  • Submission Guidelines - Notes to all users regarding the formatting of submissions and relevant rules.
  • Editorial Policy - Policy Statement of the Editorial Team
  • Editorial HTML - HTML useful in Story Editing