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Obsolete Page
This page is obsolete and only retained for archival purposes.

Note: This is an old document that mostly served as a guide, though most of the information is correct

What is the main purpose of IRC?

  • To allow the Soylent News community to congregate in a real time format
  • We want the community to feel free to do (almost) anything, so it's better to have less guidelines restricting them
  • We do *NOT* want to poach from SN stories.

What do we want to be available on IRC?

  • Topical channels
  • Channels for the various teams
    • Editorial
    • Systems
    • Other
  • Game channels
    • Werewolf
    • Trivia
    • RPG channels
  • Guided discussions (This is my favorite idea.. advertised on a sidebar of the main site perhaps)
    • Something like the OReilly webcasts, where we'd have our favorite people (Natalie Portman, Linus Torvalds, Bill Gates) come to talk about their project and how awesome it is.
    • Combatserver notes that there should be a strategy to keep the talks from disrupting stories on the main page, if a significant portion of the site is focused on IRC, then comments on stories published at the same time may suffer.

What do we *not* want on IRC?

  • spam
  • wAreZ
  • Poaching from the site discussion
    • Channels for each article or live chatboxes in articles
  • Porn

Initial Official IRC channels:

  • Team specific channels
  • Main discussion channel
    • What do we name this? Probably want to keep #Soylent until the final branding is decided
  • Topical channels
    • 16:01:39 Protonic ∈ It'll be interested to see things evolve. I'd say have topical channels for the site available though, e.g. #linux - and a bot in all those "official tropical channels" will automatically message the channel when a new post arrives in said category
  • Off topic channel


  • Team members
    • Examples: Landon@Soylent/Staff/IRC/Landon, Landon@Soylent/Staff/Editor/Landon, Landon@Soylent/Staff/Dev/Landon
    • If someone is in multiple teams, we should be able to let them choose which cloak they prefer
  • (future plan) Members with IRC accounts connected to the main site:
    • Should this be a requirement for registering on the IRC network? That you must have an account on the main site?
    • Examples: Landon@Soylent/USERNAME
  • Registered nicks without an account on the main site (if necessary)
    • Examples: Landon@Soylent/Guest


  • General utility bot for users to query weather, provide public logs, etc (I've got one in mind that we can maintain as the official bot/fun development project -- Landon)
  • Name at least one bot Bender!

Logging (note: logging is now enabled and links can be found in the topic of each room)

  • Since it's almost guaranteed that some users will be logging, we should make it a service. There should be a bot in all of the Official channels that will gather logs and generate a webpage ( example by Juggs )
    • Opt-in logging/publishing for all user created channels (send a logging notice to people as they join the channel maybe)
    • 1-2 day delay before publishing logs, in case someone reallyreallyreally needs to redact their root password from the logs :) (But, that's a false sense of security, so eh, but it would be a courteous gesture)