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Current Work

Working on making the preferences pages more sane and easier to work with. Slash had a tabbed interface system for some of these pages at some point, or was going to as there were templates for tabbed menus, and as slashcode API for generating them.

The templates were incomplete and the css to style them was missing. I have updated the templates to add the correct menus, and styled them to give a nice tabbed interface.

Since the preferences were now linked to each other, this allowed for a major cleanup of the navigation links for both the left hand menu and the footer menu. The footer is now a mostly a copy of the main navigation. This was done to allow for users of the Low Bandwidth option to be able to still access parts of the site they need to get to.

Current code is on

Previous Work

The big fixes that I have been working on is to clean up the look and feel of the home page and to get a better log out button displayed.

My idea is to use the User Slashbox that is displayed on the right of other pages, to be displayed on the home page. Add a logout button and then a user can easily logout. This also brought in the Moderation box that shows how many point you have.

This allowed for the text version of this information that was above the center column to be remove. Subsequent testing show that the Moderation info was a bit to hidden in the slashbox, so that code is now updated to use the same wording at the text only version that was removed.

This new code is in the queue to be merged.

Also I have been working on styling the buttons on the site to make them more user friendly. Some of this has just been stopgap measures as we await a final graphics design that we can apply to the site. There are a lot of other minor css and template updates as well.