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This page is obsolete and only retained for archival purposes.

Thread archived from forums:

mattie_p: I want to solicit some banner ads that we can have members host on their own websites or in a forum signature. Do you think you haev what it takes to produce some?

I figure we'll want a couple of basic ones and a (very) limited number of slideshow .gifs to help get the word out. Thanks in advance for your contributions!

FrogBlast: Here's a link to what are apparently standard ad sizes: ... _sizes.svg

I'll kick things off with my first contribution:

I've got some more serious, boring layouts in mind, and of course, I'll try to make people vote on them. Post below, or send to

Here's a ZIP of the Illustrator files for the wrapper logo, and an SVG version, in case you need them:
note: I believe these links no longer work, however I have all the files if anyone needs mrcoolbp (talk)

If you're planning an animated banner, the layers in the Illustrator version will probably come in handy. I'm guessing the SVG got a little mangled in the export.

mattie_p: Great start! I like it already, especially as my neckbeard is starting to come in just now.