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The User Experience team develops art, CSS, and other UI elements and is connected with the Dev team. Take a look around at what we are working on currently and what we'd like to start working on next, if you see anything you might be able to help with just contact style (at)

See also: Style

There's a lot of documentation on CSS work being done and you can find some notes on future UI Design here.

Who we are

User Experience Team Main Page




mrcoolbp Interim Leader UTC-5
audioguy On Occasional Loan UTC-8 (PST)

Retired Members

Former editors that have lost their roles due to inactivity or retirement

Retired members




FrogBlast Art Team ?

Current Projects

Soylent Swag

  • flesh out the store with more options
  • come up with SN memes or nerdy sayings for products
    • prospectacle has ideas for a "monogram" graphic for formal wear

Site Graphics and Icons

  • may need to add some new topics (work with Editor's Team)
  • separate topic icons for non-red themes (only /dev/random, meta, Answers, and maybe Soylent)


  • update the comment expand/collapse buttons (cross-theme compatibility)
  • Define single column layout requirements - see: this mobile layot sketch linked on the Mobile Design page.
  • Typographic and typesetting guidelines (with LaminatorX) - awaiting feature request, then work with CSS ppl on a specification
  • Weekly comic