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Obsolete Page
This page is obsolete and only retained for archival purposes.

Noteworthy Comments

  • Grabbed the Domain Names:,
  • Other potential website solutions
Bruce Perens (created "") is aware of and is considering contributing (Relaunch ?? stay tuned)
/. user 'dotancohen' registered the domain "slashdotan" and is looking to build a new Slashdot (He is willing to coordinate and has cloud experience)
Add info on by 'Bryan'
User somenickname (1270442) has registered bangslashdot.(org|net|com)
Usenet was also suggested as an alternative 'comp.misc is the new Slashdot'
  • Scrapping content from old Slashdot suggestion made. benefits/drawbacks ? Overall I think this is a thumbs down
Content is easier to "find"
Moral/Legal objections were brought up (Even if it was initially "our" content)
We should build our own brand
Pointless to scrap, since it is the comments that draw people in
Editors should be in multiple timezones to cleanup/improve/multi-source submissions for presentation to the main page
  • Initial code build will be from Slashcode... Available (Git?), Old:(5 years) Workable:(maybe)
  • Alternate choices for code base: Wiki, Discourse, Usenet
  • Non-profit vs For-profit discussion should go here ( Business )
Debian style project organization ?
Community driven projects need strong leadership or they tend to flounder
  • Codebase
Code should be in the public domain
Allow the entire website (Stories+Comments+Code)? to be created as a Creative commons work - codebase also available ?
  • Keep the former Slashdot community together

Comment History


  • Do this as a non-profit, user-run organization please. From what you write it looks like you want replace the regime, not giving the users the control over the website. Why should we trust you not to sell the website to a DICE-like company after it becomes successful? I applaud your efforts to change things, but I really believe that a Debian Project like institution that is both non-commercial and controlled/run by the community has a much higher chance of securing the goals we fight for right now in the long-term. -- 03:20, 6 February 2014 (MST)

  • From Hacker News on Slashdot: 'When you have the same group of minds selecting the content that gets seen, over the course of years, the users eventually get burnt out seeing the same type of stuff, chosen by the same people over and over again. The content becomes stale even if its fresh <--- A really good point