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SlashDocumentationIndex - parent

absolutedir_secureAbsolute base URL of Secure HTTP site (blank if site has no HTTPS side)
accesslog_css_skipSkip logging css hits to accesslog table?
accesslog_disableDisable apache writing to accesslog?
accesslog_hoursbackNumber of hours before accesslog rows are purged
accesslog_imageregexImage hits will only be written into accesslog if their URL path matches this regex, empty string for all, NONE for none
accesslog_insert_cachesizeCache accesslog inserts and do this many all at once (0 to disable, if enabled, suggest value of 5 or so)
ach_maker_adlesstimeAfter a maker_mode user turns off ads, how long does the adless state persist, in seconds
adminmailAll admin mail goes here
adminmail_banAll admin mail about users being banned goes here
adminmail_check_replicationCheck replication if is caught up before starting adminmail
adminmail_last_runday adminmail last ran
adminmail_modAll admin mail about moderation goes here
adminmail_postAll admin mail about comment posting goes here
admin_check_clearpassCheck whether admins have sent their Slash passwords in the clear?
admin_clearpass_disableShould admins who send their Slash passwords in the clear have their admin privileges removed until they change their passwords?
admin_formkeysDo admins have to bother with formkeys?
admin_maxdays_dividerMax number of days on the story list to bother showing the day-dividers
admin_secure_ip_regexIP addresses or networks known to be secure.
admin_story_lookahead_defaultIn the storylist, how many seconds to look into the future for all stories by default (but see skins_admin_story_lookahead_mainpage)
admin_story_lookahead_infiniteIn the storylist, always show all future stories no matter how far in the future?
admin_story_lookahead_mainpageIn the storylist, how many seconds to look into the future for stories on the mainpage
admin_timeouttime in minutes before idle admin session ends
admin_use_blob_for_uploadUse blobs for fileuploading - 1 for yes, 0 for no or file-based uploading
admin_warn_primaryskidWarn admin if a story is saved with the following primaryskids (skids delimited by |)
ad_maxMaximum ad number (must be at least ad_messaging_num)
ad_messaging_numWhich ad (env var AD_BANNER_x) is the "messaging ad"?
ad_messaging_probProbability that the messaging ad will be shown, if the circumstances are right
ad_messaging_sectionsVertbar-separated list of sections where messaging ads can appear; if empty, all sections
al2_type_aliasesList of AL2s that imply other AL2s, in a whitespace-delimited list of A->B format
allow_anonymousallow anonymous posters
allow_anon_poll_votingSet this to decide whether anonymous users can vote in polls)
allow_nonadmin_ssl0=users with seclev <= 1 cannot access the site over Secure HTTP; 1=they all can; 2=only if they are subscribers
anonymous_coward_uidUID to use for anonymous coward
anon_name_altName of anonymous user to be displayed in stories
apache_cacheDefault times for the getCurrentCache().
approvedtagsTags that you can use
approvedtags_attrdefinition of approvedtags attributes in the following format a:href_RU img:src_RU,alt,width,height,longdesc_U see for more details
approvedtags_attr_admininherits from approvedtags_attr
approvedtags_breakTags that break words (see breakHtml())
approved_url_schemesSchemes that can be used in comment links without being stripped of bogus chars
archive_delaydays to wait for story archiving
archive_delay_modDays before moderator logs are expired
articles_onlyshow only Articles in submission count in admin menu
article_nocommentShow no comments in
authors_unlimitedSeclev for which authors have unlimited comment-moderation and -deletion power (see also the ACLs)
backup_db_userThe virtual user of the database that the code should use for intensive database access that may bring down the live site. If you don't know what this is for, you should leave it blank.
badge_icon_extBadge icon extension ("gif" or "png", probably)
badge_icon_sizeBadge icon height/width
badge_icon_size_wideBadge icon width for wide icons
badkarmaUsers get penalized for posts if karma is below this value
bad_password_warn_ipWarn admin if an ip specifies password incorrectly this many times in one day
bad_password_warn_subnetWarn admin if a subnet specifies password incorrectly this many times in one day
bad_password_warn_uidWarn admin if user specifies password incorrectly this many times in one day
bad_password_warn_user_intervalWarn a user on the Nth bad password attempt within 24 hours. Set to 0 if you do not want users to be warned
banlist_expireDefault expiration time for the banlist cache
basedirWhere should the html/perl files be found?
basedomainThe URL for the site
block_expireDefault expiration time for the block cache
body_bytesUse Slashdot like byte message instead of word count on stories
breakhtml_wordlengthMaximum word length before whitespace is inserted in comments
breakingEstablishes the maximum number of comments the system will display when reading comments from a "live" discussion. For stories that exceed this number of comments, there will be "page breaks" printed at the bottom. This setting does not affect "archive" m
bytime_delaydays to go back for next/previous links on stories
cache_enabledSimple Boolean to determine if content is cached or not(was 1 audioguy set to 0)
cache_enabled_templateIf set, then template caching is still active even if var cache_enabled is turned off.
charrefs_bad_entityEntities that approveCharref should always delete
charrefs_bad_numericNumeric references that approveCharref should always delete
checklist_lengthLength of user_index checklist fields (default is VARCHAR(255))
clientip_xff_trust_headerName of HTTP request header to prefer over "X-Forwarded-For", if present
clientip_xff_trust_regexIP addresses from which we will trust an X-Forwarded-For header
commentnew_msgAllow sending of a message on every posted comment (dangerous)
commentstatusdefault comment code
comments_anon_speed_limitseconds delay before repeat posting for anonymous user. If 0 uses default speed_limit for all users
comments_anon_speed_limit_multMultiply speedlimit by this amount for each comment previously posted in the past 24 hours
comments_codemode_wsfactorWhitespace factor for CODE posting mode
comments_control_horizontalIs Discussion2 control is configured horizontally?
comments_forgetip_hoursHours after which a comment's ipid/subnetid are forgotten; set very large to disable
comments_forgetip_maxrowsMax number of rows to forget IPs of at once
comments_forgetip_mincidMinimum cid to start forgetting IP at
comments_hardcodedTurns on hardcoded layout (this is a Slashdot only feature)
comments_max_email_lenMax num of chars of fakeemail to display in comment header
comments_min_line_lenMinimum minimum average line length
comments_min_line_len_kicks_inNum chars at which minimum average line length first takes effect
comments_min_line_len_maxMaximum minimum average line length
comments_moddable_archivedAre comments in discussions that have been archived moderatable?
comments_moddable_hoursNum hours after being posted that a comment may be moderated
comments_mod_totals_exactShow exact moderation counts?
comments_more_seclevSeclev required to see More Comments (special: 2 means subscribers)
comments_perday_anonNumber of comments allowed to be posted per day, by any one IPID, anonymously.
comments_perday_bykarmaNumber of comments allowed to be posted per day, by karma score.
comments_portscanScan incoming IPs for open proxy ports? 0=never, 1=anon posting only, 2=all posting
comments_portscan_cachehoursIf comments_portscan_anon_for_proxy is true, hours to cache a result of a portscan for open proxies on a particular IP
comments_portscan_portsIf comments_portscan_anon_for_proxy is true, scan these space-separated ports
comments_portscan_timeoutIf comments_portscan_anon_for_proxy is true, use this as timeout
comments_response_limitinterval between reply and submit
comments_speed_limitseconds delay before repeat posting
comments_wsfactorWhitespace factor
comment_cache_max_hoursDiscussion age at which comments are no longer cached
comment_commentlimitMax commentlimit users can set
comment_compress_sliceChars to slice comment into for compressOk
comment_homepage_dispChars of poster URL to show in comment header
comment_karma_limitMax karma that a single comment can cost a user, normally negative values or 0 to never take karma with downmods, empty string for unlimited
comment_maxscoreMaximum score for a specific comment
comment_minscoreMinimum score for a specific comment
comment_nonstartwordcharsChars which cannot start a word (will be forcibly separated from the rest of the word by a space) - this works around a Windows/MSIE "widening" bug - set blank for no action
comment_startword_workaroundShould breakHtml() insert kludgy HTML to work around an MSIE bug?
common_story_wordsWords which are considered too common to be used in detecting "similar" stories
content_type_webpageThe Content-Type header for webpages
cookiedomainDomain for cookie to be active (normally leave blank)
cookiepathPath on server for cookie to be active
cookiesecureSet the secure flag in cookies if SSL is on?
cookie_locationDefault for user's cookie_location value (also see users_info schema!)
counthits_lastmaxidLast accesslog id scanned by counthits task
css_expireTime in seconds before css cache expires
css_use_imagedirPlace .css files in imagedir instead for your rootdir? You may want to utilize this if you are using boa or another lightweight webserver to serve images. Run symlink-tool after switching var
currentqidThe Current Question on the homepage pollbooth
cur_performance_ppsPages per second the site is running at
cur_performance_statsStores current performance stats in a var for display to admins
cur_performance_stats_dispShow current performance stats?
cur_performance_stats_lastidaccesslogid to start searching at
cur_performance_stats_weeksnumber of weeks back to compare current stats to
cur_performance_stat_opsops to show current performance stats for
cvs_tag_currentcodeThe current cvs tag that the code was updated to - this does not affect site behavior but may be useful for your records
datadirWhat is the root of the install for Slash
dbsparklines_dispDisplay dbsparklines in the currentAdminUsers box?
dbsparklines_heightPixel height of sparkline graphs
dbsparklines_pngsuffixRandom number to make it hard for unauthorized users to read these PNGs without permission
dbsparklines_secsbackHow many seconds to look back for the sparklines
dbsparklines_widthPixel width of sparkline graphs
dbsparklines_ymaxMax bog value (clip higher values to this)
dbsparklines_yminMin lag value (clip lower values to this) - should be negative
dbs_reader_adjust_delayNumber of seconds between each adjustment of reader DB weights
dbs_reader_bog_secs_endNumber of seconds of reader DB bog at which hits the minimum weight
dbs_reader_bog_secs_startNumber of seconds of reader DB bog at which should start to reduce its weight
dbs_reader_bog_weight_minThe minimum weight to multiply a reader DB's base weight by once its bog hits dbs_reader_bog_secs_end
dbs_reader_expire_secsNumber of seconds worth of dbs_readerstatus log to keep around
dbs_reader_lag_secs_endNumber of seconds of reader DB lag at which hits the minimum weight
dbs_reader_lag_secs_startNumber of seconds of reader DB lag at which should start to reduce its weight
dbs_reader_lag_weight_minThe minimum weight to multiply a reader DB's base weight by once its lag hits dbs_reader_lag_secs_end
dbs_reader_weight_increase_maxThe maximum number of units per minute to restore weight back up to 1
dbs_reader_weight_reduce_maxThe maximum number of units per minute to reduce weight down to the minimum
dbs_revive_secondsAfter a DB goes from isalive=no to yes, ramp up accesses to it over how many seconds?
db_auto_increment_incrementIf your master DB uses auto_increment_increment, i.e. multiple master replication, echo its value into this var
db_slave_lag_ignoreBytes of lag between master and slave DB to ignore
debughash_getSkinsfalse = no debugging; default regex = ^d+$
debughash_getTopicTreefalse = no debugging; default regex = ^d+$
debug_db_cacheIf set, then write debug info for the Slash::DB cache to STDERR
debug_maintable_borderBorder on the main table (for debugging purposes)
defaultbytelimitThe default setting for comment bytelimit
defaultcommentstatusdefault code for article comments- normally "enabled"
defaultdisplaystatusDefault display status ...
defaultsectionDefault section to display
defaulttopicDefault topic to use
default_maxcommentsizeDefault user pref value, if you change the schema default for users_comments.maxcommentsize, change this too
default_rss_templatename of default rss template used by portald
delayed_inserts_offThis turns off delayed inserts (which you probably want to do)
delete_old_storiesDelete stories and discussions that are older than the archive delay.
discussions_speed_limitseconds delay before repeat discussion
discussion_approvalIf this is set to 1, set all user created discussions when created to 0 so that they must be approved
discussion_create_seclevSeclev required to create discussions (yes, this could be an ACL in the future).
discussion_default_topicDefault topic of user-created discussions.
discussion_display_limitNumber of default discussions to list.
down_moderationsnumber of how many comments you can post that get down moderated
do_expiryFlag which controls whether we expire users.
draconian_charrefsEnable strictest-possible rules for disallowing HTML entities/character references?
draconian_charsetConvert high-bit characters to character references, which are then filtered by approveCharrefs or encode_html_amp (works only with Latin-1 for now)
draconian_charset_convertConvert some of high-bit chars to ASCII representations instead (see draconian_charset)
email_domains_invalidspace separated list of domains that are not valid for email addresses
enable_index_topicset this to the value in string param for index topic (something like "topic_4")
fancyboxwidthWhat size should the boxes be in?
feature_story_enabledSimple Boolean to determine if homepage prints feature story
feed_typesFeed types allowed.
formkey_minloggedinkarmaThe min karma a user must have to "count" as a logged-in user for some purposes
formkey_timeframeThe time frame that we check for a formkey
freshenup_max_storiesMaximum number of article.shtml files to write at a time in
freshenup_small_ccHow many comments is considered a small commentcount, indicating a story needs its commentcount updated frequently?
freshenup_text_render_daysbackOldest stories to write a story_text.rendered field for, in days
freshen_homepage_min_minutesNumber of minutes between updating the main index.shtml homepage (if 0, disabled, only updates when believes it is required)(Was:60 audioguy set to 0)
goodkarmaUsers get bonus points for posts if karma above this value
gse_fallback_min_stoidSet by set_gse_min_stoid to define how far back to search max when not passing an issue or offset
gse_mp_max_days_backMax days back to go in gSE select for mainpage in instances where we haven't passed an offset / issue -- 0 if you don't want to use this
gse_precache_mins_aheadHow many minutes ahead to precache getStoriesEssentials data in the query cache and memcached?
gse_skip_count_if_no_min_stoidIf no min_stoid is available, skip counting the s_t_r rows and go straight to the one-table select? Rule of thumb, set this to true for sites with many stories (say, over 10,000)
gse_table_join_row_cutoffNumber of stoids below which getStoriesEssentials performs 2 separate selects and above which it performs a JOIN
id_md5_vislengthNum chars to display for ipid/subnetid (0 for all)
ignore_uid_date_indexIgnore uid_date index on comments where it may slow performance
imagedirAbsolute URL for image directory
imagemagick_convertLocation of imagemagick convert for thumbnail generation
index_gse_backup_probProbability that getStoriesEssentials will look to backup_db_user instead of the main db: 0=never, 1=always
index_handlerThe perl servlet to call for connections to the root of the server.
index_handler_noanonThe shtml page to call if a user is anon and index_noanon is set (was:home, audioguy set to loginonly.shtml)
index_new_user_betaUse index beta for new users?
index_noanonRedirect all anonymous users to index_handler_noanon instead of index.shtml. Set to 1 to activate, 0 to remove.(was:0 audioguy set to 1)
index_readmore_with_bytesInclude bytes / word count in readmore link where applicable?
ircslashEnable the ircslash task and connect to an IRC channel whenever slashd starts
ircslash_channelWhich channel to join
ircslash_channel_passwordPassword for ircslash_channel
ircslash_dbalert_bogthreshAlert the IRC channel when DB query bog exceeds this value, in seconds, for the last minute average
ircslash_dbalert_lagthreshAlert the IRC channel when DB replication lag exceeds this value, in seconds, for the last minute average
ircslash_ircnameName to use on IRC server (defaults to "(slashsite) slashd")
ircslash_jabber_usersPipe-separated list of userids ("userid" or "userid/resource") to send Jabber messages to, instead of sending to channel
ircslash_lastremarkidId of the last remark seen
ircslash_lcr_sitesPipe-separated list of site names to use for lcr cmd
ircslash_nickNick to use on IRC server (has a reasonable default)
ircslash_portPort to use on IRC server
ircslash_remarks_delayHow often, in seconds, to poll for new remarks
ircslash_remarks_max_dayHow many remarks a single user can send, in a day, before we start ignoring them
ircslash_remarks_max_monthHow many remarks a single user can send, in a month, before we start ignoring them
ircslash_remarks_max_yearHow many remarks a single user can send, in a year, before we start ignoring them
ircslash_serverWhich IRC server to connect to
ircslash_sslTry to connect over SSL?
ircslash_usernameUsername to use on IRC server (has a reasonable default)
ispellLocation of ispell binary or empty string to turn off
ispell_is_really_aspell_with_langSome systems install aspell and a script that mimics the behavior of ispell; if yours does, set this to your preferred language name, e.g. "english"
issue_lookback_daysNumber of days to look back in issue mode
istroll_downmods_ipDownmods at which an IP is considered a troll
istroll_downmods_subnetDownmods at which a subnet is considered a troll
istroll_downmods_userDownmods at which a user is considered a troll
istroll_ipid_hoursHours back that getIsTroll checks IPs for comment mods
istroll_max_halflivesMax number of times to cut the TrollModval impact of a downmod in half
istroll_uid_hoursHours back that getIsTroll checks uids for comment mods
jabberslashEnable the ircslash task for Jabber, and connect to a Jabber channel whenever slashd starts
jabberslash_channelWhich channel to join
jabberslash_channel_passwordPassword for jabberslash_channel
jabberslash_channel_serverWhich Jabber server to use for the channel (defaults to jabberslash_server)
jabberslash_ircnameAccount name to use on Jabber server (defaults to "(slashsite) slashd")
jabberslash_nickNick to use on IRC server (has a reasonable default); is used for jabber Resource and channel alias
jabberslash_passwordPassword for jabberslash_ircname account
jabberslash_portPort to use on Jabber server
jabberslash_serverWhich Jabber server to connect to
jabberslash_tlsTry to connect using TLS?
journal2submit_skidskid to submit journal entries to, if not set they go to mainpage skid
journal_allow_journal2submitAllow journals to be submitted as submissions?
journal_commentsTurn on and off comments for journal entries
journal_create_submissionDo you want setting the publicize flag to create a submission in addition to a journal?
journal_default_displayNumber of journals to display on a user's page
journal_default_themeDefault theme to use on journal entries
journal_default_topicDefault topic that all journal discussions belong to
journal_rdfitemdesc1 == include introtext in item description; 0 == don't. Any other number is substr() of introtext to use
journal_rdfitemdesc_html1 == include HTML in item description; 0 == strip HTML (plain text only); 2 == HTML for subscribers only
journal_speed_limitseconds delay before repeat posting
journal_topNumber of journals to display in the top page
journal_top_friendTurn on and off top friends view
journal_top_postersTurn on and off top posters view
journal_top_recentTurn on and off top recent view
karma_adjAdjectives that describe karma, used if karma_obfuscate is set (best to keep aligned with badkarma, m2_maxbonus_karma, and goodkarma)
karma_obfuscateShould users see, not their numeric karma score, but instead an adjective describing their approximate karma?
karma_posting_penalty_style0=old (starting score decremented), 1=new (display score shown lower, comment can suffer results of additional downvotes)
label_uiWhether to label some things in the admin ui
lastCommentsLast time we checked comments for moderation points
lastlookmemoryAmount of time the uid last looked-at will be remembered/displayed
lastsrandsecLast Block used in the semi-random block
lenient_formkeys0 - only ipid, 1 - ipid OR subnetid, in formkey validation check
logdirWhere should the logs be found?
logdir_flockflock(LOCK_EX) around appends to log files in logdir?
login_nontemp_daysDays before a nontemp login expires
login_speed_limitHow fast a user can create users, etc.
login_temp_minutesMinutes before a temporary login expires
log_adminThis turns on/off entries to the accesslog. If you are a small site and want a true number for your stats turn this off.
log_db_userThe virtual user of the database that the code should write accesslog to. If you don't know what this is for, you should leave it blank.
m1Allows use of the moderation system
m1_admin_show_mods_with_commentsShow moderations with comments for admins?
m1_eligible_hitcountNumber of hits on before user can be considered eligible for moderation
m1_eligible_percentagePercentage of users eligible to moderate
m1_pluginnameWhich moderation plugin to use
m1_pointgrant_endEnding percentage into the pool of eligible moderators (used by moderatord)
m1_pointgrant_factor_downfairratioFactor of downmods fairness ratio in deciding who is eligible for moderation (1=irrelevant, 2=top user twice as likely)
m1_pointgrant_factor_fairtotalFactor of fairness total in deciding who is eligible for moderation (1=irrelevant, 2=top user twice as likely)
m1_pointgrant_factor_stirratioFactor of stirred-points ratio in deciding who is eligible for moderation (1=irrelevant, 2=top user twice as likely)
m1_pointgrant_factor_upfairratioFactor of upmods fairness ratio in deciding who is eligible for moderation (1=irrelevant, 2=top user twice as likely)
m2Allows use of the metamoderation system
m2_batchsizeMaximum number of moderations processed for M2 reconciliation per execution of moderation daemon.
m2_commentsNumber of comments for meta-moderation - if more than about 15, doublecheck that users_info.mods_saved is large enough
m2_consensusNumber of M2 votes per M1 before it is reconciled by consensus - if not odd, will be forced to next highest odd number
m2_consensus_waitpowPositive real number, 0.2 to 5 is sensible. Between 0 and 1, older mods are chosen for M2 preferentially. Greater than 1, newer
m2_consequencesRewards and penalties for M2ers and moderator, up to the given amount of fairness (0.0-1.0): numbers are 1, tokens to fair-voters, 2, tokens to unfair-voters, 3, tokens to moderator, and 4, karma to moderator
m2_consequences_bonus_earlymod_secsFairly moderate a comment within this many seconds of its being posted and gain a token bonus
m2_consequences_bonus_earlymod_tokenmultFairly moderate a comment early, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_minfairfracFraction of Fair metamods a mod has to get for its user to be eligible for the m2 csq bonuses
m2_consequences_bonus_pointsorig_-1Fairly moderate a comment from this score, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_pointsorig_0Fairly moderate a comment from this score, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_pointsorig_1Fairly moderate a comment from this score, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_pointsorig_2Fairly moderate a comment from this score, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_pointsorig_3Fairly moderate a comment from this score, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_pointsorig_4Fairly moderate a comment from this score, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_pointsorig_5Fairly moderate a comment from this score, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_quintile_1Fairly moderate a comment in the first 20% of a discussion and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_quintile_2Fairly moderate a comment in the second 20% of a discussion and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_quintile_3Fairly moderate a comment in the third 20% of a discussion and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_quintile_4Fairly moderate a comment in the fourth 20% of a discussion and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_quintile_5Fairly moderate a comment in the last 20% of a discussion and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_bonus_replypost_tokenmultFairly moderate a reply, instead of a top-level comment, and gain this bonus multiplier
m2_consequences_repeatsToken penalties for modding same user multiple times, applied at M2 reconcile time
m2_consequences_token_maxMaximum number of tokens a user can have, for being on the consensus side of an M2 or being judged Fair, to merit gaining tokens
m2_consequences_token_minMinimum number of tokens a user must have, for being on the consensus side of an M2 to merit gaining tokens
m2_freqIn seconds, the maximum frequency which users can metamoderate
m2_inheritSet to true if you would like to inherit m2s from previous mods with the same cid-reason
m2_maxbonus_karmaUsually about half of goodkarma
m2_mintokensThe min M2 tokens
m2_min_daysbackcushionThe minimum days-back cushion
m2_multicountAdditional multiplier for M2s performed on duplicate mods (leave 0 to disable)
m2_oldest_wantedHow many days old can un-M2d mods get before they are considered important to get fully reconciled?
m2_oldest_zone_multHow many times the normal amount of M2s are applied to the oldest un-M2d mods?
m2_oldest_zone_percentileWhat percentile of the oldest un-M2d mods are to be considered highest priority?
m2_oldzoneStarting id (youngest) of the old-zone of moderations that still require M2 (the oldest certain percentile)
m2_only_perdecWhat perdecage of mods should get M2d? 1=1/10th, 10=all
m2_userpercentageUID must be below this percentage of the total userbase to metamoderate
m2_wait_hoursNumber of hours to wait before a mod is available for m2
mailfromAll mail addressed from the site looks like it is coming from here
mailpass_max_hoursMailing a password only allowed mailpass_max_num times per account per this many hours
mailpass_max_numMailing a password only allowed this many times per account per mainpass_max_hours hours
mailpass_valid_daysA mailed newpasswd is expired after this many days
mainpage_displayable_nexusesList of nexuses that can appear on the mainpage depending on settings; if empty, getStorypickableNexusChildren is used instead
mainpage_nexus_tidTopic ID of the nexus considered "mainpage", the front page, what used to be meant by "always display" -- this should be determinable from mainpage_skid but for now it is a separate var
mainpage_skidID of the skin considered "mainpage", the front page, what used to be meant by "always display"
markup_checked_attributeThe checked attribute that is used on the "input" HTML element, CHECKED for HTML 3.2 and checked="checked" for HTML 4.0 and beyond. Must include leading space!
maxkarmaMaximum karma a user can accumulate
maxpointsThe maximum number of points any moderator can have
maxtokensToken threshold that must be hit to get any points
maxtokens_addMax tokens to give any one user per pass
max_comments_allowedmaximum number of posts per day allowed
max_comments_unusedfkHow many unused formkeys are permitted
max_depthmax depth for nesting of comments
max_discussions_allowedmaximum number of posts per day allowed
max_discussions_unusedfkHow many unused formkeys are permitted
max_expiry_commLargest value for comment expiry trigger.
max_expiry_daysLargest value for duration expiry trigger.
max_journals_unusedfkHow many unused formkeys are permitted
max_journal_allowedmaximum number of journals per timeframe allowed
max_login_allowedHow many forms a user can submit
max_submissions_allowedmaximum number of submissions per timeframe allowed
max_submissions_unusedfkHow many unused formkeys are permitted
max_submission_sizemax size of submission before warning message is displayed
max_users_allowedHow many changes a user can submit
max_users_unusedfkHow many unused formkeys are permitted
max_users_viewingshow many times can be viewed
memcachedUse memcached?
memcached_debugTurn on debugging for memcached?
memcached_exptime_comtextNumber of seconds comment text lives in memcached before requiring a re-read from the DB (empty string=default, 0=forever)
memcached_exptime_storyNumber of seconds a story record lives in memcached before requiring a re-read from the DB
memcached_exptime_userNumber of seconds a user record lives in memcached before requiring a re-read from the DB (empty string=default, 0=forever)
memcached_keyprefixUnique, short (1-2 chars probably) prefix to distinguish this site from the other sites sharing memcaches
memcached_serversSpace-sep list of servers for memcached in host:port format; to weight a server append =n
message_last_deferredThe last date that deferred messages were sent
message_process_countNumber of messages to process at each delivery interval
message_send_expireNumber of days to hold message in delivery queue
message_thresholdDefault threshold for a comment to trigger a message
message_web_expireNumber of days to keep message on web site
message_web_maxtotalNumber of total messages to keep on web site, per user
minkarmaMinimum karma a user can sink to
min_expiry_commLowest value for comment expiry trigger.
min_expiry_daysLowest value for duration expiry trigger.
moderatord_catchup_countThe number of times moderatord will loop if replication is used and is too far behind our threshold.
moderatord_catchup_sleepThe number of seconds moderatord will wait each time it loops if replication is behind.
moderatord_debug_infoAdd in more detailed information into slashd.log for moderation task info. This WILL increase the size by slashd.log quite a bit, so use only if you need to.
moderatord_lag_thresholdThe number of updates replication must be within before moderatord will run using the replicated handle. If this threshold isn't met, moderatord will not run.
moderatord_lastmaxidLast seen by run_moderatord
moderatord_maxrowsMax number of accesslog rows to process at once in run_moderatord
modviewseclevMinimum seclev to see moderation totals on a comment
mod_elig_minkarmaThe min M1 karma
mod_karma_bonus_max_downmodsHow many times can you downmod a comment without it losing its karma bonus? (bonus lost at value+1th downmod) (set very high to disable)
mod_same_subnet_forbidForbid users from moderating any comments posted by someone in their subnet?
mod_statsInclude stats on moderation in the daily admin mail?
mod_stats_lookback_daysNumber of days to look back for repeat mods
mod_stats_min_repeatMinimum number repeat mods to appear in mod stats
mod_stats_reportsWho to send daily moderation stats reports to
mod_stir_recycle_fractionWhat fraction of unused mod points get recycled back into the system?
mod_stir_token_costWhat is the token cost of having each mod point stirred?
mod_token_assignment_delayPause in seconds between batches of assigning token changes
mod_token_decay_daysHow many days of inactivity before tokens start to decay?
mod_token_decay_perdayIf inactivity, how many tokens lost per day?
mod_unm2able_token_costWhat is the token cost of performing an un-M2able mod?
mod_up_points_neededNeed more than 1 point to mod up? Hash
nesting_maxdepthMaximum depth to which

-type tags can be nested

nest_su_maxdepthMaximum depth to which and tags can be nested
newsletter_bodyPrint bodytext, not merely introtext, in newsletter.
nick_charsCharacters allowed in user nicknames
nick_maxlenMax length of nickname, should correspond with schema for users.nickname
nick_regexRegex (case-sensitive) allowed for user nicknames
no_prerendered_storiesTurn off use of prerendered stories in display
offer_insecure_login_linkOffer the user the 'totally insecure but very convenient' login link
openid_consumer_allowAllow users to authenticate using OpenID, and manage OpenID identities.
openid_consumer_secretConsumer secret for OpenID
optipngpath to optipng if it is to be used for compressing thumbnails
op_exclude_from_countdailyOps to omit from daily counts in adminmail
organise_storiesorganise story blocks
panic0:Normal, 1:No frills, 2:Essentials only
people_maxMaximum number of friends/foes you can have
people_max_subscriberMaximum number of friends/foes you can have
poll_cacheOn home page, cache and display default poll for users (if false, is extra hits to database)
poll_discussionsAllow discussions on polls
poll_fwdforLoose proxy management for voting?
postedout_end_secsWindow to count posted-out stories closes this many seconds in the future
postedout_start_secsWindow to count posted-out stories opens this many seconds in the future
postedout_thisnexusonlyIf nonzero, only count posted-out stories that are rendered in this nexus, otherwise count all
postedout_wantedNumber of posted-out stories considered a satisfying normal amount
rdfencodingSite encoding
rdfimgsite icon to be used by RSS subscribers
rdfitemdesc1 == include introtext in item description; 0 == don't. Any other number is substr() of introtext to use
rdfitemdesc_html1 == include HTML in item description; 0 == strip HTML (plain text only)
rdflanguageWhat language is the site in?
rdfpublisherThe "publisher" for your RSS channel
rdfrightsThe "copyright" for your RSS channel
rdfsubjectThe "subject" for your RSS channel
rdfupdatebaseThe date to use as a base for the updating
rdfupdatefrequencyHow often to update per rdfupdateperiod
rdfupdateperiodWhen to update
recent_topic_img_countNumber of recent topics to store in the template "recentTopics"
recent_topic_txt_countNumber of recent topics to store in the block "recenttopics"
referrer_external_static_redirectIf true, redirect anon requests referred from other sites for dynamic to static .shtml. This can greatly improve chances of surviving a slashdotting
reskey_srcid_masksizewhich srcid mask size to use for reskeys
reskey_static_saltsitewide salt for reskeys
reskey_timeframeDefault timeframe base to use for max-uses (in seconds)
returnto_passwdPassword used to sign MD5s for returnto URLs from remote sites
rootdirBase URL of site; used for creating on-site links that need protocol-inspecific URL (so site can be used via HTTP and HTTPS at the same time)
rss_allow_indexAllow RSS feeds to be served from (1 = admins, 2 = subscribers, 3 = all logged-in users)
rss_expire_daysNumber of days till we blank the data from the database (the signatures still stick around though)
rss_max_items_incomingMax number of rss items shown in a slashbox, by default
rss_max_items_outgoingMax number of rss items emitted in an rss/rdf/atom feed
rss_storeShould we be saving incoming submissions for rss
runtask_verbosityHow much information runtask should write to slashd.log: 0-3 or empty string to use slashd_verbosity
run_adsShould we be running ads?
sbindirWhere are the sbin scripts kept
search_default_displayDefault number of entries to display on Search page
search_googleTurn on to disable local search (and invite users to use
search_ignore_skidslist of skids that you want to not include in search results. Delimit skids with |
search_journal_enabledTurns on searching journals.
search_methodMethod to use to weight scores for search returns (and to narrow down possible matches)
search_rdfitemdesc1 == include introtext in item description; 0 == don't. Any other number is substr() of introtext to use
search_rdfitemdesc_html1 == include HTML in item description; 0 == strip HTML (plain text only)
search_rss_enabledTurns on searching rss.
search_text_lengthThis will tell search how many characters should be returned for text bodies in searches (think introtext for stories and article for journals).
sectionThis is the current setting for section.
send_mailTurn On/Off to allow the system to send email messages.
signoff_notifyAdd remark for bot on each signoff / update / save ?
signoff_useUse signoff functionalilty?
similarstorydaysNumber of days to look back for uncommon words when determining similar stories
similarstorymaxwordsMaximum number of top-weighted scores to search for in previous stories
similarstoryminweightMinimum weight necessary for a story to be displayed as similar
similarstorynumshowMaximum number of similar stories to show in admin preview
siteadminThe admin for the site
siteadmin_nameThe pretty name for the admin for the site
siteidThe unique ID for this site
sitenameName of the site
sitepublisherThe entity that publishes the site
slashboxes_maxnumMaximum number of slashboxes to allow
slashbox_sectionsAllow used-selected slashboxes in sections
slashbox_whatsplayingWhether or not to turn on the "What's Playing" Slashbox.
slashdirDirectory where Slash was installed
slashd_errnote_lastrunLast time slashd_errnote ran
slashd_hostname_defaultHostname of the machine that slashd tasks run on unless otherwise specified in slashd_status.hostname - blank means slashd runs normally anywhere
slashd_verbosityHow much information slashd (and runtask) should write to slashd.log: 0-3, 3 can be a lot
sloganSlogan of the site
smalldevices_ua_regexregex of user agents for small devices
smtp_serverThe mailserver for the site
stats_admin_seclevseclev required to look at stats in
stats_firehose_spamcountNumber of firehose items marked as is_spam
stats_reportsWho to send daily stats reports to
stats_sfnet_groupidsList of group IDs to keep stats on
stem_uncommon_wordsUse stems of words for detecting similar stories instead of whole words?
stirNumber of days before unused moderator points expire
story_expireDefault expiration time for story cache
story_filesAllow stories to use files from Slash::Blob
story_never_topic_allowAllow story_never_topic data to be edited and passed to getStoriesEssentials? 0=no, 1=subscriber-only, 2=yes
submissions_link_relnofollowAdd a rel="nofollow" to the submitter's vanity link for all submissions?
submissions_speed_limitHow fast they can submit
submission_bonusBonus given to user if submission is used
submission_count_daysNumber of days back to count submissions made by the same UID or domain
submission_default_skidSkid you would like selected by default for submissions, 0 or empty string for none
submission_force_defaultForce selection of default skid for all submissions, takes away menu of options
submiss_tsprint timestamp in submissions view
submiss_viewallow users to view submissions queue
submit_categoriesExtra submissions categories
submit_domains_invalidspace separated list of domains that are not valid for submitting stories
submit_extra_sort_keyProvides an additional submission list sorted on the given field name
submit_forgetip_hoursHours after which a submissions's ipid/subnetid are forgotten; set very large to disable
submit_forgetip_maxrowsMax number of rows to forget IPs of at once
submit_forgetip_minsubidMinimum subid to start forgetting IP at
submit_redirect_submit2Redirect submit to submit2
submit_show_weightDisplay optional weight field in submission admin.
subnet_karma_comments_neededNumber of comments needed before subnet karma is used for disallowing posting
subnet_karma_post_limit_rangerange of subnet karma to block posting at -5|-9|-10|-999999 blocks anonymous posting at -5 to -9 subnet karma, and all posting from -10 to -999999 subnet karma
task_timespec_freshenupCustom timespec (in cron style) for the freshenup task. Add more task_timespec_ vars if you want to override other task timespecs.
template_cache_requestSpecial boolean to cache templates only for a single request
template_cache_sizeNumber of templates to store in cache (0 = unlimited)
template_post_chompChomp whitespace after directives (0 = no, 1 = yes, 2 = collapse; 0 or 2 recommended)
template_pre_chompChomp whitespace before directives (0 = no, 1 = yes, 2 = collapse; 0 or 2 recommended)
template_show_commentsShow HTML comments before and after template? (see Slash::Display) 0=no 1=yes unless Nocomm 2=ALWAYS (debugging only!)
textarea_colsDefault # of columns for content TEXTAREA boxes
textarea_rowsDefault # of rows for content TEXTAREA boxes
tids_in_urlsWant tid=1&tid=2 in story and discussion-related URLs?
titlebar_widthThe width of the titlebar
tokenspercommentNumber of tokens to feed the system for each comment
tokensperpointNumber of tokens per point
topcomm_daysLook back (n) days to display the Hot Comments slashbox
topcomm_numNumber of comments wanted for the Hot Comments slashbox. Defaults to 5.
topiclist_ignore_prefixprefix of any topic keywords that should not show up on topic list or hierarchy, leave blank if you don't want any ignored
topics_sectional_weightMinimum weight for sectional stories
topic_popup_defaultweightDefault weight for new topics in the popup menu (should probably match default for topic_parents.min_weight)
topic_popup_openExpand all topics by default, or not
topic_popup_weightsThe dividing lines etc. for the topic select box in the story editor
topic_tree_drawDraw the images/topic_tree.png? (turned off by default to avoid making GraphViz a Slash requirement)
topic_tree_draw_fontnameName of font used for labels in the topic tree
topic_tree_draw_fontsizeSize of font used for labels in the topic tree
topic_tree_lastchangeUnix timestamp of last change to the topic tree
topic_tree_lastdrawUnix timestamp of last time redrew images/topic_tree.png
top_sidThe sid of the most recent story on the homepage
totalCommentsTotal number of comments posted
totalhitsTotal number of hits the site has had thus far
uncommonstorywords_maxlenMaximum length of the uncommon words list
uncommonstoryword_minlenMinimum length of the words in the uncommon words list
uncommonstoryword_threshWords occurring more often than once every this-many days are considered common
uncommon_weight_bodytextRelative weight for uncommon words found in bodytext of stories
uncommon_weight_introtextRelative weight for uncommon words found in introtext of stories
uncommon_weight_titleRelative weight for uncommon words found in titles of stories
url_checker_user_agentuser Agent to use for url checking task, empty string results in lwp user agent being used
users_bio_lengthLength allowed for user bio
users_count(Approximate) number of users registered on this slash site
users_menu_no_displayHide users menu?
users_show_info_seclevMinimum seclev to view a users info
users_speed_limitHow fast a user can change their prefs
user_comments_force_indexGive user comments query hint to use specific index?
user_comment_display_defaultNumber of comments to display on user's info page
user_submitter_display_defaultNumber of stories to display on user's info page
use_deptuse "dept." field
use_prev_next_linkBoolean where to use next/prev links for articles
use_prev_next_link_sectionBoolean where to use next/prev links for articles in a section
use_prev_next_link_seriesBoolean where to use next/prev links for articles in a series (topic)
writestatusSimple Boolean to determine if homepage needs rewriting
xhtmlBoolean for whether we are using XHTML
zoo_timerLast time the Zoo task ran.