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Development To Do List

This is a "to-do" list that was scraped from various IRC comments, discussions, and user suggestions, among other places. The parent page is the Development Team Page.


  • Ensure staff have privileges in all platforms we use
  • Implement a key-master system (where passwords are controlled by multiple parties)
  • Single sign on to all services (register once, central administration)
  • Eliminate self-hosted DNS


  • change "Read More" to button.
  • Kill D2
  • fix all buttons to have proper case
  • bug 48 fix log in screen ul list
  • fix bug #68 some links are worn color in comment details trace JS loads to fix JS re-size of certain elements on mobile devices.
  • style blockquote and see what is up with quote
  • add hyperlink to article story title to story page per bug 106
  • style input boxes to have better border contrast per bug 107
  • add night mode skin per 112
  • make sure site displays “Log In” and “Log Out” per bug 116
  • fix journal template to fix broken link title tex per bug 118
  • fix preference pages per many bugs
  • fix relationships ui as per bug 37
  • Nuke Force Forge from orbit


  • Implement Fire-hose of some kind
  • Make sure the SSL login page points to an SSL page, the cookie needs HTTPS headers set (this should be a bug?)(collected via Suggestions)
  • Add markdown support, example: (this is also in the Suggestions que, could be removed from this list for now as is non-essential IMO mrcoolbp (talk) 22:54, 7 March 2014 (UTC))
  • Make it easy for people to submit bugs (bugs@ email? also a suggestion for doing it via slash)
  • need to update bug links (now on github) from various places (done?)
  • System for keeping old UIDs (may be impossible without changing everyone's UIDs, move to scrap idea THEN remove info in FAQ and Migration of users page mrcoolbp (talk) 22:54, 7 March 2014 (UTC))