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This is a DRAFT policy only, and is not official.

Team leader(s)

Ban policy

<crutchy> maybe something to start with: if someone expresses offense, the offender is cautioned. if the caution isn't heeded, the offender is kicked. if they come back and continue to offend, 15 minute channel ban. absolute worse case scenario: if someone is really causing problems every time they enter an official channel and multiple people are being repeatedly offended, a consensus of two or more ircops could result in a week, month or permanent channel ban or kline.

Bot policy

(this isn't written in policy language, but is more notes to whoever comes after)

Probably needs to be some sort of etiquette surrounding delegation of bot tasks. Some tasks can be performed by multiple bots. It's fun to develop bots and set them loose on the channels for others to abuse and enjoy, but we don't want to see 10 bots react to the same event.

Might be nice to have some sort of bot register to allow developers to check the triggers and tasks of existing bots so they don't put in a heap of effort developing a feature that has already been implemented. We already have a bot register of sorts, but it probably needs a bit of work. It can be found here.


Access to the SoylentNews system

Cooperation with other teams

Interfacing with the community

Financial compensation

Dispute resolution