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IRCiv is a little Civilization-like strategy game under development.

It's run as a script by the exec IRC bot, which usually lurks in the #civ channel on the server. Anyone welcome to come check out progress or have a tinker. Must be registered and identified with NickServ to be an IRCiv player.

IRCiv logo
IRCiv logo

IRC | IRC:exec

sample IRCiv map [[1]]

Starting a new game

  • ensure game bot is in proposed game channel with /invite or ~join
  • gm issues "~civ register-channel" command to generate map for channel
  • each player in channel that wishes to join game issues "~civ init" command


IRCiv commands must start with the exec alias "~civ" unless an alias lock is set.

Quick start guide

help or ?




Outputs a status message to either PM (default) or the game channel if "public_status" flag is set.

<crutchy> ~civ status
<exec> #civ crutchy =>
<exec> #civ crutchy => 1/2, warrior, +100, (45,41)

During testing exec auto sets the public_status flag for every player.

Adding a space-delimited x y coordinate after the status command will return the status of that coordinate.

<crutchy> ~civ status 45 42
<exec> status for coordinate 45,42: occupied by crutchy
<exec> city: fart
<exec> units: 0


syntax: [~civ] flag name

flags recognised:

- public_status

outputs player active unit status to game channel instead of private message (ignored during development)

- grid

paints gridlines on map images

- coords

paints terrain grid coordinates on map images

- city_names

paints city names under cities using player color on map images

- logging

logs status messages to a file in the irciv data directory

- irc_messages

enables/disables status message output to irc


~civ flag public_status


syntax: [~civ] unflag name


syntax: [~civ] set key=value


syntax: [~civ] unset key

Active unit movement

up or u
down or d
left or l
right or r

after movement command, status is automatically shown

if unit successfully moves, the active unit will be cycled to the next available unit

units can't move off map or off landmasses

if "public_status" flag isn't set, it's probably easier to enter movement commands in the exec PM window, though they will still be recognised in the game channel; you will just have to change to PM window to see status

Building a city

build or b

only settlers can build cities

Administration commands

- dev-op

test command for development

- register-channel

- save-data

- load-data

- init-ai

- test-ai

- player-unset

- player-data

- move-unit

- object-edit

- player-edit


A simple website @ has been set up to access map images output by the IRC script.

A demo can be accessed here:


Developer(s): crutchy

Development journal entries


  1. unit attacking
  2. city capturing
  3. city build queue
  4. diplomacy
  5. finances
  6. tech advancement
  7. new units

Development notes

Have a "set color = R,G,B" setting, and publicly announce if a player changes color.

Paint health bars above unit shields like civ2.

Create attack_strength and defense_strength unit properties (for air,sea and land).

If a unit moves into same coord as foreign unit and attack_strength > 0, initiate attack.

Alliance settings? (use account name instead of nick)

Don't allow player to move any unit with attack_strength of zero onto same coord as foreign unit/city.

Attacking: for both units, health (0-100) = health - rand(attack/2,attack) + rand(defense/2,defense) The defense rand must be no greater than the attack rand. Modify attack/defense with terrain bonuses (as applicable).

Map image filenames to be stored in bucket for each game/player (separate from player data bucket as doesn't need to be loaded each execute). Bucket index: "irciv_webmaps_%%game_id%%_%%player_id%%"

Improve map output - include flags for various features: units, cities, fog, etc

Goto command, using migrated delphi pathfinding algorithm.

Territory: fixed radius around cities and coords occupied for certain time.

Player negotiation/interaction/diplomacy.

Tech advancement


More units/city improvements



Limit map file uploads to IP address (security by obscurity).

Floating absolute positioned box in top left corner with mouse click data (scrollable?). Highlighted map tile selection image (floating, absolute). Use js (refer to old civ code) to show coordinates on mousemove, and tile info on mouseclick. Put logo in floating div in top left corner (above data div). No margins/padding around map image.

TODO: Delphi IRCiv client

Develop a client using Delphi that downloads map, communicates with exec using GUI controls and allows player to chat with other players (include IRC client features). Make a web server query (to be polled by delphi client) that returns the name of the latest map file, which contains a timestamp so that the client can determine if a new map needs to be downloaded. This is to account for actions by other players. When the local player takes an action, download a new map.

Exec notes

Conf file for each script (optional) contains key=value for lib.php function that sets constants for scripts.

Add a socket interface for buckets.