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Human Interface Guidelines





Comments on Human Interface Guidelines

The layout of elements on a website is influenced by the OS on which the interface is being designed. On the other hand, for the user, the right pattern of mouse / finger actions can differ depending on which OS is in use and the location of utility buttons on devices. Therefore it's not enough for the website to render correctly on different browsers. The workflow has to take into consideration:

  • The size and orientation of the display.
  • The pointing device
  • Location of utility buttons, especially soft buttons such as browser config / bookmarks toolbars.

Comments on Usability

For any who are interested in usuability on the web, I commend to your attention the work of probably the foremost expert in this field: Jakob Nielsen.

You can read some of his work here:

What is particular useful is that his work is truly based upon actual research. Everyone has an opinion of usability on the web - he can back his up with research results.

His classic articles on writing for the web might be useful for our editors to read.


Select colors that contrast with each other well. Use the following link to help select fore/background color combos: