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Rather than "Linux" wouldn't "Operating syetems" be better? Leaving room for BSD, Windows, Apple OSes, smartphone OSes, hell even old mainframe OSes.

Perhaps have subtopics?

I'd like to add the following to the start of the Submission Guidelines page:

Soylent News is a community-driven site i.e it depends upon submissions from the community for its very survival. The editor's role is to convert the received submissions into a format that is suitable to be displayed on the site. From time to time, we receive comments that the stories are below par, are not of interest to a particular member, or that we are not covering a topic to the degree that the community wants. Whilst we make a note of all of these comments and try to pick a selection of stories that meet the desires of the majority of the community, we are sometimes limited by the stories that we receive. The solution, ultimately, is for the community to act as our reporters and to submit stories that interest them and, ideally, present them in such a manner that they will pass quickly through the editing process and onto the front page. It is your site and you must support it if it is to realise its full potential. To aid budding reporters in this endeavour we offer the following guidelines.