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The Parts Of Template Library Actually Used In Slash Code

Knowing this can save some time reading docs.

The template language keywords are always first and appear to be always uppercase. The normal variables all appear to be lowercase.

Most commonly used feature

The most commonly used feature is simply using the template library to print a variables value

The specific template library keywords found in Slash templates

(the numbers roughly correspond to frequency of use)

      1 ELSE
      1 FOR
      1 INCLUDE
      2 ELSE
      3 BLOCK
      3 FOREACH
      3 SWITCH
      4 ELSIF
      4 FOR
      6 UNLESS
      8 END
      8 PROCESS
     72 CASE
    176 IF

Most of these are common straightforward programming constructs, except:

BLOCK - (man Template::Manual::Directives)

      The "BLOCK"..."END" construct can be used to define template component
       blocks which can be processed with the "INCLUDE", "PROCESS" and "WRAPPER"

           [% BLOCK tabrow %]
             <td>[% name %]<td>
             <td>[% email %]</td>
           [% END %]

             [% PROCESS tabrow  name='Fred'  email='' %]
             [% PROCESS tabrow  name='Alan'  email='' %]

       A "BLOCK" definition can be used before it is defined, as long as the
       definition resides in the same file.  The block definition itself does not
       generate any output.

PROCESS - (man Template::Manual::Directives)

       The PROCESS directive is similar to "INCLUDE" but does not perform any
       localisation of variables before processing the template.  Any changes made
       to variables within the included template will be visible in the including
       template." from man Template::Manual::Directives