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Obsolete Page
This page is obsolete and only retained for archival purposes.

This appears to be archival, check: TodoList or Development instead.

Slashcode Todo list

  • Install SlashCode on the production site
  • Get some people to help with the site
  • Run a contest for a better name New name discussion
  • Incorporate
  • Consult a lawyer
  • How to handle Advertising (necessary evil) - Opt Out, Limited, Typical(box with ads in the top-right corner)?
Why can't we have an advertising cookie with things we are in the market for? I.e. if I'm in the market for a computer, I see computer-related ads. If I opt out, then I don't see any ads. An interest-centric (not user centric) cookie. <==+1 Insightful
OK, this is brilliant and adds agency to a necessary evil, should seriously consider trying something like this.
  • Improved Mod/Meta-Mod/Story-Selection system to minimize required editor input
  • Provide a voting system to decide which articles hit the main page (Mod point related?)
  • Find and submit some stories